What We Offer To The Project Management Community


OfferToday, all over the world, many projects fail due to poor project management practices. And this has been found true in every industry - construction, ICT, manufacturing, customer services, banking and public projects. Some of the key reasons for poor practices are:

  • Lack Of Correct Know-How
  • Poor Or Inaccurate Reporting
  • Absence Of Proper Project Control Procedures.


The 3 primary success elements in any project are – Time, Cost and QualityAction Projects.
What quite often happens in projects is this. The project’s manager is efficient in their works management. However, behind this can be the poor management of the time, cost and quality and other project factors. In the end-analysis, the project still hits a crisis or heads for failure.


Thus, the professional topics in our various courses covers:

  • The required management practices
  • How the project manager should act
  • Achieving project delivery.

AchieveThe participants will look at project characteristics that require a formal project management process.  In our training – we use an analytical approach to investigate the components and relationships in the project processes.  The management requirements to be considered for every project are covered and discussed – both from the standard perspective as well as what you, the participant needs to worry about.
We share our professional know-how and project experiences in one of 3 ways:

  • Concept Courses
  • ICT courses
  • Focus Courses.

THE CONCEPTS COURSES - We have courses that cover the required management concepts in a manual way – the workshops require each participant to analyse and calculate without the use of a software tool like MS-Project or Primavera Enterprise.

We can conduct these classes as 2 days or 1 day sessions. The 2 days is recommended if you are a first-timer to doing project planning and management on the computer. The 1 day class is for those who need a refresher or just an overview (if for example you are only a project director).
In these sessions, the participants do not learn MS-Project as a software product. Instead, they learn how to use it as a tool to carry out a project’s planning and implementation – to achieve what they need. They input, analyse and view outputs through use of their workshop project data.
Thus, we recommend that a customer takes this course set after they have undergone one of the manual-based course. This ensures total familiarity of MS-Project’s features to the kind of project work the participant actually performs.

These are specific add-on courses to cover specific customer needs after they have attended our standard 3 days or 2 days class.
In this aspect of training, we wish to assist the PM in sharpening of their skills in tacking specific management areas. Presently, we have 3 offerings and are preparing more as customer demand requires. These are:



Course Title



Project Scoping

1 day


Project Implementation Management

1 or 2 days (depending on customer need)


Project Stakeholder Management

1 day



  1. Project Management Consulting

Our practice here is to offer time-based consulting services on a specific project currently under the client’s responsibility (whether as project owner or project contractor).
Services typically cover the time, resource and/or cost management aspects of the project.
We provide this consulting for clients who would like to outsource the project management function to an external PM or team. As such, we would carry out this role and report to the appointed owner’s representative.

  1. Project Management Empowerment
  2. empowerment

This consulting practice is to implement and transfer know-how on PMM to a client’s project executives. PMM stands for Project Management Methodology – a framework of guidelines, tools and reporting templates. Our goal here is to introduce and confirm international best practices in project management.
We do this consulting for clients who do have some form of a PMO with some skills level or may not have the needed project management skills.

  1. Project Implementation Services

This consulting is a service that comprises of the following aspects:

    1. Preparation of the required Project Plans
    2. plans
    3. Manpower inputs at regular intervals.

* This service involves the use of MS-Project 2007.
We do this service for clients who do not have a PMO or the needed project management skills at the said time.



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