What We Share In Our Training Classes/ Seminars

About us


Our Classes are to enable the project manager to manage for RESULTS.

We do this in 3 ways:

  • Handouts. We use to emphasise key concepts presented in the manual. During this time, we have noted many of our customers ask their questions affecting them in their project work
  • Q&A time. The trainer stops every now and then during the Course to get the participants to think about a relevant subject matter. The aim is to use what is being learnt to actual work scenarios.
  • Workshops.  – We run a continuous case study during the course duration. This will cover each major concept set to ensure effective know-how transfer.

Our Concept Classes are run for 3 days or 2 days. Over the years, the 3days version has been the course of choice for most customers. We created the 2 days version only a few years ago due to customer request. This is to assist some companies which can only allow their project executives to go away for 2 days due to project pressures.


There are 3 main segments in our courses.
In the project initiation, we look at 3 key components:

  • Setting Up The PMO
  • Stakeholder Planning
  • Preparing the Scope of Works.

In the planning segment, using hands-on exercises and analysis, each participant will learn the primary elements of the project plan. These are

  • The Project Work Breakdown Structure
  • The Project Network
  • Vision
  • Working Out The Critical Path In The Project Schedule
  • Preparing The Basic Resource Matrix And Project Budgeting

All in all, they will establish a project baseline.
Then, during the implementation segment, participants will learn best practices in terms of schedule, resource and cost management. Process guidelines and checklists are included in the course material.
For effective project close-out – key reminders are presented after the implementation segment.

* Please Note: In the 2 days course - The Scoping of works is not carried out. Also, Project Implementation strategies are presented in overview only.


Our Unique Selling Point (USP)

In all our Courses (Concepts, ICT or Focus), the participants will prepare a real-world project – in their workshop groups. The work example that the participants practise on is a current or past project from their own work environment.




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