Camporama 2009 Appreciation Night: Selangor 7

We would like to thank all leaders, rangers and helpers who have helped with the Camporama. Please find the details as below:

Date: 20 June 2009 - Saturday
Time: 630pm sharp
Venue: Namaste - Indian Restaurant: No.4 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Tmn Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 KL. (Landmark: The road is beside VADS Building, also known as the old IBM building. The road is very near Kiara Hill park. Very near Cmdr Jackie's place. Same row as Mama's Kitchen - which serve good Lou Shi Fun.
RSVP by 17 June 2009


List of those invited:
*If you do not find your name here, PLEASE inform Terence. Also, look out for names of your friends or those that have helped. There is already 60+ on this list. (There is sincerely no intention to leave out anyone's name)

Abigail Jeysing
Amanda Chua
Amy Ng
Asha Devi
Benjamin Chong
Beulah Peters
Bryan Ching
Bryan Eric
Charlene Tiara
Chew Kian Sang
Chew Wei Sern
Colin Ray Selvarathnam
Darren Teoh
Deborah Chan
Denise Chew
Diane Chew
Esther Teo
Genevieve Teoh
Grace Mak
Gus Kirby
Jack Tay
Jacqueline Lim/Choong
Jeffrey Goh
Jeffrey Yong
Jonathan Chin Yee
Joshua Chan Jian Yu
Joshua Chin Han
Keni Ng
Keven San
Kieng Siev Eng
Koo Siong Cheng
Kwan Xue Bin
Lee Yu Tjin
Lim Hoy Kiang
Janiez Lim
Lim Wee Yen
Lisa Chin
Lydia Kwan
Lynette Tan
Maggie Wong
Mah Lai Kit
Max Leong: Commander Lai Kit, please inform.
Naeden Reuel Ng
Nathanael Ho
Ooi Chui Hoon
Pamela Lai
Patricea D'Cruz
Peter Chin
Petrina Thong
Piaree Rajandran
Rachel Chan Jing Pei
Rachel Menaka
Renee Melissa
Richard Easupatham
Roy Rajasingam
Samuel Lim
Samuel Sivaneswaran
Sarah Lim
Shamita K Rajandran
Shaun Darwin Fernandez
Shawna Rekshamy D'Dharan
Sonny Chan
Teh Chen Choo
Terence Ooi
Kamen Tham
Theresa D'Cruz
Usha Devi Krishnasamy: Piaree/Shamita - please inform
Wilfred Tan
Zechary Chin Wei

* Required